Hi, My Name is Megan and I love Orangetheory

How this fat girl fell in love with an intense workout studio and how she continues to show up week after week. Spoiler alert: It's in the serotonin.

I haven't always been a lover of fitness. Going back to the days of yore when I was a young lady doing everything I could to avoid PE class, I would never have fathomed how fitness would become part of my existence and a major component of my identity. The only event on the Presidential Fitness Test I would actually do well at were the sit-up portion. Everything else was a recipe for disaster.

Fast forward through the years and I got into things like Turbo Jam/Kick/Fire and Zumba and fell in love with how fitness made me feel. I got to a point, however, where I wanted to do more and level up my activity. In 2017, I found out an Orangetheory Fitness studio was opening in my neck of the woods and decided to give it a shot by joining in the pre-sale as a founding member.

I was anxious to begin and attended as many events prior to opening that I could. I wanted to become familiar with the staff and studio itself. As a larger bodied person, it was important for me to feel confident in the space and own my workouts. As the studio opened, we eased ourselves into the format with an opening template which, while intense, wasn't as intense as a standard workout. These templates allowed us to ease into the heavy fitness routine of OTF.

Since 2017, I have been consistently attending Orangetheory (for the most part- save for when I'm covering Zumba classes). I hit 250 classes in early 2019 and still haven't looked back. I do my best to attend 3+ days per week and participate in the distance and timed event challenges to the best of my ability. I've been through two Hell Weeks, a Dri-Tri, several benchmarks, two Mayhems, and so much more!

I'll probably share some more about my OTF experience later, but for now- just know that I love it and that giving it a try was one of the best things I ever did for myself.

In the Austin area and thinking about joining a studio? Check out the Sunset Valley Orangetheory Studio and let them know that the Founder named Meg sent you!

A little further out? Find your local studio here.

Have you tried Orangetheory? What do you think about it? Let me know!